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Would you invite the Capital into your new home?

How would you feel about opening your front door and welcoming more than 100 strangers into your house? It’s a question the new owners of Brick House will have to consider. Each year since its completion in 2005, Brick House has been part of Open House London.

This unique property is a one-off project by the acclaimed architects Caruso St John (works include The New Art Gallery, Walsall) and was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize. It sits on a seemingly impossibly constricted plot, surrounded by more conventional houses. With the exception of the exposed concrete ceilings, the house is built, inside and out, of brick.

The avant-garde appearance might make Brick House look like an art installation in a swanky gallery, but it’s actually a very practical space, with a floor area of about 3,727 sq ft and accommodation that includes an open-plan kitchen and living room and four bedrooms.

If you’ve got a passion for cutting-edge design - and deep pockets - this could be for you, but could you be an ambassador for the style and let the public in? It would be a shame to hide this gem away. It’s not just a home: it’s also a work of art.

Brick House, Notting Hill W2 - £4,950,000
Crayson - 020 7221 1117

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