LAST WORD - 23rd July

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Make the most of your garden

You don’t need acres of grounds and 
a country house to benefit from significant additions to your garden. A well-placed summerhouse or hot tub can transform the way you use it and create interesting new space for entertaining.

Affectionately known as ‘the Swedish consulate’ by owner Phil Kirby, the summerhouse of this one-bedroom flat in Edith Grove offers a way of getting fresh air while reading the Sunday papers, but also provides shelter from both strong sun and inevitable British downpour.

It needn’t cost a fortune, explains Phil. “We just picked the summerhouse up at a garden centre and painted it ourselves.”

Great for warm evenings outside, a hot tub makes a luxurious feature in a four-bedroom house on Stembridge Road, whether you choose to keep it 
a family affair or invite the neighbours over for 
margaritas and a dip.

Plus it’s not just a fair weather extra - if you’re 
brave enough to make a chilly dash for the house afterwards, it’ll be great in the snow as well.

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