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01 Name

Emma Stead

02 Job title

Director, Savills

Head of Fulham offices

03 Where do you live?

In Fulham, on the Peterborough Estate.

04 How long have you been in London?

More than 20 years.

05 Preferred mode of transport

I prefer to walk, but I’m happy to catch the 
bus when I need to.

06 Favourite London view

My favourite view is from the OXO Tower overlooking the city and the river.

07 Ideal weekend in London

I’d start by meeting a girlfriend for a glass of champagne on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols, followed by indulgent shopping. Then on Sunday I’d get up early and go to Columbia Road Flower Market for breakfast.

08 Favourite restaurant

Either Megan’s Delicatessen & Restaurant, for a casual supper in the garden, or Medlar for a special occasion – both on the King’s Road.

09 I’ve always meant to…

Visit the Fulham Palace Meadows Allotment 
on a Sunday morning.

10 The best thing about my patch

The diversity of Fulham and the people who live in it. It’s ideally located, with green open spaces and easy access to town or country.

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