MY LONDON LIFE - Bryony Walters

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01 Name

Bryony Walters

02 Job title

Bective Leslie Marsh.


03 Where do you live?


04 How long have you been in London?

Since I was born (a very long time ago...).

05 Preferred mode of transport

If it’s warm and sunny I’ll walk, though for obvious reasons that’s not very often. Otherwise, you’ll find me behind the wheel of my car, cursing the traffic whilst listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC.

06 Favourite London view

From the middle of Waterloo Bridge. It’s not safe for me to drive over it for the simple reason that I can’t keep my eyes on the road; the views both east and west are breathtaking.

07 Ideal weekend in London

Being mum to a very boisterous one-year-old boy, my ideal weekend would be one where he’d let me get some sleep the night before. We’d go to the Science Museum in South Kensington if it was chilly, specifically to the basement ‘Garden’ - an entire floor dedicated to toddlers and all things noisy. In good weather, we’d head to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo and spend the afternoon making mischief with the monkeys and meerkats. Either a bottle (or two) of red with a friend at The Woodman on Battersea High Street, or a complete blow-out with mates in Soho would be my perfect Saturday night, though I’d probably leave the baby at home...

08 Favourite restaurant

Either Busaba Eathai or Marco Pierre White’s Kings Road Steakhouse & Grill. Being a vegetarian, I can’t eat much on the menu, but I love the fact that my dad’s (‘JAK’ from the Evening Standard) cartoons are all over the wall.

09 I’ve always meant to…

There’s still plenty! It’s a city of endless opportunities.

10 The best thing about my patch

The wonderful river walk from Chelsea Bridge, through the park, past Albion Riverside and Montevetro (two of my favourite buildings), beyond Battersea’s London Heliport and down as far as Wandsworth Bridge. On a summer’s day, it’s like being in the south of France.

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