MY LONDON LIFE - Elliott Tooley

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01 Name
Elliott Tooley.

02 Job title
Short lets manager Hamptons International Grosvenor Square office, Mayfair.

03 Where do you live?
Clapham Common.

04 How long have you been in London?
I’ve been in London all my life, with the exception of three years at university in Bristol. I’ve lived all over town, and moved to Clapham from Brixton about four months ago.

05 Preferred mode of transport
It’s not going to be popular, but I love to go by car. It keeps you warm and dry and gets you across the city as quickly as possible - great for visiting friends in Hackney.

06 Favourite London view
One of the best, unknown, views of London has to be from the stables behind Eltham Palace. You can see all the way from Stratford to Battersea - it’s incredible on Bonfire Night.

07 Ideal weekend in London
Friday night would start with a trip to the Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown, and then on Saturday I’d visit some art galleries and head over to Brixton Village Market for food - it has an amazing variety. On Sunday I’d stick around in Clapham, have a walk on the Common and head over to my favourite pub, the Canton Arms on South Lambeth Road, for lunch.

08 Favourite restaurant
Galvin’s Bistrot de Luxe on Baker Street - it’s really cosy and there’s amazing food and wine.

09 IN LO NDON, I’ve always meant to…
Visit the Tower of London. I went to see the poppy display in November, but didn’t actually go inside. Not good for a History graduate…

10 The best thing about my patch The Common.
It’s so good to have access to some green space, it’s great for a run and really clears your head - it feels like I’ve stepped out of London.

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