MY LONDON LIFE - Harry Buchanan

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01 Name

Harry Buchanan

02 Job title

Sales director, Jackson-Stops & Staff, Pimlico and Westminster.

03 Where do you live?


04 How long have you been in London?

12 years.

05 Preferred mode of transport

Personally I prefer to walk (within reason), depending on the location of the meeting and the weather! To date, unless crossing through Victoria station, I have never been held up in a traffic jam on foot.

06 Favourite London view

Standing in the middle of Waterloo Bridge and taking a moment to look up and down the Thames - east towards St Paul’s, west towards Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. It really is spectacular.

07 Ideal weekend in London

A combination of the following would make for a good weekend: a trip to the Pimlico Farmers’ Market to pick up something special for Sunday lunch, followed by a family excursion or two - perhaps a Thames boat trip, or a visit to the London Dungeon or Natural History Museum. Finally, booking our favourite babysitter, Ilda, before catching a play with my wife, followed 
by a post-theatre dinner.

08 Favourite restaurant

Caraffini, an Italian restaurant on Lower Sloane Street; the food is delicious and the staff are superb - friendly but super professional. If you want to go, you absolutely must book, as it really is an institution and has the most loyal clientele imaginable, so it’s not always easy to secure a table.

09 I’ve always meant to…

Go to a performance at the Globe theatre.

10 The best thing about my patch

I love Pimlico. It’s a fantastic place to live as it’s central, convenient, fairly priced, smart and within walking distance of nearly everything I need or wish to visit. My family and I now split our time between London and Hampshire but my flat in Pimlico remains dear to my heart. It was my bachelor pad as well as my first marital home; it’s a great base for the working week and for adventurous weekends in London when time allows - it will be hard to part with when the time comes.

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