MY LONDON LIFE - Heather Carter Drake

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01 Name
Heather Carter-Drake

02 Job title
Lettings manager
Sandfords Regent’s Park office

03 Where do you live?
Notting Hill Gate.

04 How long have you been in London?
Since 1993, except for a two-year break in 2000 when I lived and worked in the Caribbean and Canary Islands.

05 Preferred mode of transport
Bicycle! I cycle daily to and from work, as well to most of my appointments. It’s a really great way of getting to know London.

06 Favourite London view
From the top of a London tour bus – the view changes all the time.

07 Ideal weekend in London
A hot drink and a stroll though Regent’s Park with my sisters, followed by shopping on Oxford Street and a special late-afternoon tea at The Connaught in Mayfair. I like Sundays to myself, so a long swim at the gym, breakfast while reading my Sunday newspapers and a long bike ride to wherever it takes me.

08 Favourite restaurant
I recently visited a lovely Greek restaurant called Mem & Laz Brasserie in Islington, which I will definitely be going back to.

09 IN LO NDON, I’ve always meant to…
Visit Westminster Abbey.

10 The best thing about my patch
Within 10 minutes, I can either be surrounded by flowers, grass and trees in Regent’s Park or up to my eyes in shopping on Oxford Street!

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