MY LONDON LIFE - Jamie Lester

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01 Name

Jamie Lester

02 Job title

Head of Haus
Haus Properties
Fulham and Chiswick

03 Where do you live?


04 How long have you been in London?

I was born in east London and lived there until, aged 23, I moved to Fulham, where I’ve lived ever since.

05 Preferred mode of transport

I love to walk, get a Boris bike, or travel by Tube. Buses are too slow! .

06 Favourite London view

Sunset from any of the pubs on the river between Hammersmith and Chiswick.

07 Ideal weekend in London

In the sun, at one of the London parks, cooking up a nice barbecue with friends and family.

08 Favourite restaurant

Hare & Tortoise on Kensington High Street – great food, great price and very quick. Yummy!

09 I’ve always meant to…

Visit the Crown Jewels.

10 The best thing about my patch

I love the atmosphere, the people, the community and how cosmopolitan it is. In my local park, you can hear English, French, Spanish, Italian, American… The list goes on!

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