MY LONDON LIFE - Ricky Dengel

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01 Name

Ricky Dengel

02 Job title

Sales manager
Primrose Hill office

03 Where do you live?

Little Venice.

04 How long have you been in London?

Thirty-nine years.

05 Preferred mode of transport

Little Venice is one of the most beautiful places in London, so I’ll always go on foot when possible.

06 Favourite London view

It has to be from the top of Primrose Hill. It shows London at its best, affording an amazing panorama across the city, and includes London Zoo, one of my son’s favourite places.

07 Ideal weekend in London

It would start with a quick run along the canal with my dog, followed by a trip to Regent’s Park with my son. In the evening, you can’t beat staying local and going for dinner and a few drinks with friends.

08 Favourite restaurant

I have a couple of fantastic places right on my doorstep. Looking further afield, I regularly visit a great little tapas in Camden called El Parador, and there’s a lovely Chinese restaurant, Phoenix Palace, near Baker Street.

09 I’ve always meant to…

Make a reservation for dinner at Aqua Shard, on level 31 of The Shard.

10 The best thing about my patch

Having lived in this part of London for nearly 40 years, I’ve learned to love many different areas and seen firsthand how they’ve changed over time. Primrose Hill is still a picturesque enclave with a vast range of independent cafes, restaurants and boutique shops, steering away from generic high street brands. I sincerely hope it stays that way!

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