LAST WORD - 10th September

Mon 15 Sep 2014

Think you’re safest living far away from burglars? Think again…

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a nice house with open windows must be a target for burglars - depending on who’s living next door. 
A new criminologist report by suggests that thieves live by an unwritten rule: 
don’t work in your own neighbourhood.

Interviewing people who’ve been - *ahem* - “involved” with burglaries in the past, the report provides an interesting criminal’s-eye view.

Perhaps surprisingly, most seem to place a lot of blame on the homeowner, with comments like “They’re just asking for it” and “I recall going back to the same house a few times - the person just wasn’t learning” as if it were the victim’s slack security at fault, not the burglar’s own criminal intent.

Still, as more than a quarter of the population has been burgled at some point, and an unlucky few have been the victim of repeat attacks, the lessons, outlined right, are worth noting.

It’s important to check your insurance details too: 
a quarter of victims don’t have home cover. Make sure you’re protected should the worst happen - 
who knows, you might be unlucky enough to have law-abiding neighbours.

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