Celebrating 30 years of Allan Fuller in Putney

Service with Integrity

How it all Began

We started our business in 1983, but the beginnings for Allan himself grew from a family steeped in property. His father was a surveyor and his grandfather a builder and property manager in Wandsworth. His other grandfather was a Station Sargent at Putney Police Station, so Allan has genuine local connections! A summer holiday job in an estate agent’s office cemented his desire to work in property and turned into a career after school.

In 1978 Allan came to Putney to manage Sturgis & Son. Five years later he fulfilled his lifelong ambition to start his own company. Allan’s objective was to form a business that offered a service based on real in-depth knowledge of the area with a solid reputation for honesty and integrity.

As a company we have come through two major recessions and continued to see our business grow. Our lettings and property management departments look after properties locally for literally hundreds of clients, and this year we have sold more than twice as much property as we did in 2012. The story continues to develop; we currently employ 13 people and in January our new office in Fullham will open. We go on from strength to strength but will never forget our founding principles of ‘Service with Integrity’.

The Changes in Putney in 30 Years

When I first came to Putney it was a fairly staid inner London suburb, a High Street with mainly retail shops, lots just shoe shops I recall for some reason! There were some fairly grotty pubs, and just a very few restaurants.

Plenty of things haven’t changed. Father Thames rolls serenely on, but it is far more obviously a part of Putney now that the area behind St Mary’s Church has been developed and opened up. The diversity of open spaces that surround us, Putney Heath, Putney Common and Richmond Park, still amaze newcomers to the area.

Today we are spoilt for choice as to where to eat, with cuisine of every type available, coffee shops abound, the pubs have been re-vamped and the Exchange shopping centre has been a great success. Putney has a thriving theatre, which my company is proud to sponsor, and I have to plug the Putney Light Operatic Society, which we are also proud to sponsor!

So the good things that have always attracted people to the area are still here, in fact often enhanced, but there is plenty that is new and exciting and it all combines to make it such a great place to live and work.

The Changes in Property in Putney

There have been massive changes in the property market since we opened. When we started there were about six other agents, at the last count it had grown to 25!

The property market has changed immensely. Hundreds, if not thousands, more flats and houses have been built. There has been a revolution in the rental sector, which hardy existed 30 years ago. It was only with the advent of the changes in legislation in 1988 and the introduction of Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements that it became much easier for landlords to let property. This opened the floodgates and reintroduced private landlords as the ‘Buy to Let Mortgage’ took hold. Now Putney has thousands of properties that are let out. It has brought younger people to the area that then go on to become property owners themselves.

Values have naturally changed out of all proportion; flats and houses we sold in 1983 are now selling for ten times what they were then! We know that for sure because we have records of each of the thousands of properties that we have ever sold!

Putney will always be a great investment, but more than that it is a great place to live as well.


Written by Deborah Churchill