Estate agents in Fulham who usually expect the market to slacken off as the summer hols arrive are reporting a frenzy of buying activity.

Haus Properties reports sky-high demand, with the majority – 97% – of houses going to sealed bids.

The strongest demand is in the £400,000-£800,000 price band, where most properties are attracting around 12 bids.

Jamie Lester, head of Haus Properties, told Move To: “We are experiencing a demand for both flats and family houses, with the majority (97%) going to sealed bids and selling at asking price or above.

“Within 48 hours of a property being listed, we tend to see at least a dozen viewings arranged, and most properties are selling in less than a week.”

It isn’t an across-the-board boom, according the Jamie. The fiercest competition is in the half-million-pound plus range.

“The particularly high demand for homes within the £400,000-£800,000 price bracket can be mainly attributed to first-time buyers who are now confident in the market, investors who want to enjoy good capital gains and strong rental yields (at approximately 4 to 6%), as well as trust funds looking to secure property in the local market.”

The ripple effects from the strong central London market are causing the rise in demand for quality SW6 properties, says Jamie, an entrepreneur and former Apprentice finalist whose office is at 99 Wandsworth Bridge Road.

“We’ve also seen a notable increase in wealthy Chinese and Russian buyers in Fulham, seeing it as an alternative to Kensington and Chelsea,” he said. “They realise that the amenities and transport links are equally good, so deem it a better investment.

“These buyers tend to be looking for flats with two or three bedrooms at a price bracket of between £500,000 and £700,000. This will get them a flat of approximately 850 sq ft, which would cost anything from £1.5-£3.5m in prime central London.”

A good example is this house in Sandilands Road, off Wandsworth Bridge Road – a three-bed cottage with two bathrooms on with Haus at £795,000.

It is one of those sought-after terraced homes which makes the most of its space with chic design and a kitchen which opens out through double doors to the garden.

Haus gives vendors access to an online journal, so they can keep track of what is happening with their property at all times.

Picture: Sandilands Road, Fulham, on with Haus at £795,000

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